#40002 - SOLD - 1999 Shelby Series 1 - 6 Speed - The Shelby Series 1 is one of the most exciting
and rare collectible cars ever made. This car is the brainchild of the legendary Carroll Shelby, and
the only car that he ever built from the ground-up.  Only 249 production cars were produced, and this
specific car was completed late in the production run. The color combination is very rare as well. The
condition of this car is exquisite.  Recently purchased from a dealer's museum in Beverly Hills where
the car was given exceptional care.   It has been preserved  in a temperature controlled environment
for it's entire life and is detailed twice per month.  There is not a nicer example anywhere in the world.
It is in showroom condition with no known mechanical issues.  It runs and drives perfectly. The tires
are  new and even still have the little rubber nubs sticking out of the sidewalls. The only known issue
with the car is a small crack under the front nose section of the front bumper. Other than that, it has no
rock chips, dings, or scratches and the paint looks brand new. Whether you are a collector or simply a
die-hard Shelby lover, this car is sure to put a smile on your face from the moment you first see it.  
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