• We find quality muscle cars and then we find the buyers for them.

  • We don't wait for buyers to find us like other sites, we find them!

  • We advertise your vehicle with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

  • We professionally design motivating web pages & classified ads.

  • We advertise your car on MonsterMuscleCars.com website.

  • We post your car on other websites at no extra cost.

  • We network with other car buffs, collectors, brokers, & dealers.

  • We have buyers waiting for quality muscle cars.

  • We respond to all inquiries and e-mail the photos.

  • We contact you with the leads, your personal info isn’t advertised.

  • We follow up on any buyers who have shown interest in your car.

  • We motivate buyers to "stop shopping" until they see your car.
Welcome to MonsterMuscleCars.com. We are not dealers or brokers. We are a marketing service
designed to help the sale process go smoothly for both the seller and the buyer.  We don't wait for
the buyers to find us, w
e find them!  We have buyers waiting for quality classic muscle cars.  There
is no
out-of-pocket expense  to use our service or to advertise your car on our site.

We answer those early morning and late night calls.  Your phone number is not advertised.  While
you are at work or at play, we are here for the buyers to have a "live person" to speak with.  We'll
keep track of your leads and follow-up for you.

We design motivating web pages of your classic muscle car.  We offer a free photo shoot  for quality
muscle cars located in our service area.

Sound good so far?  There's MORE..our service helps with typing the purchase agreement and bill
of sale if you need help.  We  fax documents, assist with bank wire transfers, get transport quotes,
etc.  We are here to help the buyer and the seller make a smooth sales transaction.

We locate the buyer; the sellers handle the sale. The vehicle and the title stays in the owner's
possession.  We work for a flat fee which is added to the amount the seller needs for the vehicle

we post the price. Here is what we do:
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